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Tuesday Link-stravaganza* May 2, 2006

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LA Clippers win their first playoff series in my lifetime. I am, along with thousands of other fans, eagerly awaiting Sports Guy's 10,000+ word, Gladwell-esque exegesis on the topic.

Life immitates art for the cast of the Sopranos: Artie Bucco gets busted for a Brooklyn slalom, and "Muscles Marinara" for stealing TVs, crappy guido shirts and beating store managers.

Cracked Magazine, which I truthfully didn't realize still existed, has a hilarious piece on Sportcenter's Most Cliched Catchphrases. My vote goes to Craig Kilborn for this gem: I got 99 problems, but that pitch ain't one. (via Deadspin)

Avery Cardoza's Player Magazine gets some Assimilated Negro treatment in The Devil's Publicist. I was always a fan of his "relationship stock market" theory and this quote cracks me up:

Of course everyone wants diversity in their portfolio, but some people do stay focused in one sector. I have a friend who swears by the Big Titties industry. All his money is always tied up in Big Titties.

*aka, I am too hungover and lazy to post an actual post, so here's what I'm reading this morning.


I Hate Link-only Posts… April 20, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in Food, New York, Poker, Sneakers, Sports.
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Bill Simmons interviews the guys who wrote Rounders – Part I (link is down) & Part II.

Mark Bittman prepares HOTY favorite stuffed artichokes (NYTimes free reg. required).

Fuck Isaiah and Fuck Larry Brown. Who else is rooting for Ron-Ron and the Kings?

GNR to play some shows in NYC. Who's coming with me?

It's spring, bitches. Brave the hate and go to Alife Rivington Club this weekend for their big spring sale. Cash only. Afterwards, hit the town with your new kicks and watch as the ass just rolls in.

I Hate The Shake Shack… April 19, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in Food, General Hating, New York.
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Pardon me, but this is going to be an obnoxiously New York City-centric post.

This morning, after reading this note at Gawker and the linked article on Gothamist, I decided that I would brave the mobs of retarded TimeoutNY reading lemmings and sit down for a Shack Burger and an Arnold Palmer in beautiful Madison Square Park. It should be noted prior to reading the following account of my lunch that I am no stranger to the Shake Shack. I was eating there back when it was just a cart in the days prior to the construction of the kitschy “shack.” Therefore, on a day as gorgeous as today, I know better than to get there at 12:30 expecting anything less than an epic wait. That said… (more…)