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I Hate Haley Joel Osment July 20, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in Uncategorized.

According to CNN, future Sureal Life housemate Haley Joel Osment wrecked his car last night. First and foremost, the corresponding photograph of him might be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. I almost called this post “I see bad haircuts.”

Osment, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as a boy who could see dead people in “The Sixth Sense,” was driving a 1995 Saturn about 1 a.m. when the car collided with a brick pillar and flipped, said Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Greg Sisneros.

A 1995 Saturn!?!? Seriously?! Jesus Christ dude, you’re a fucking movie star! Granted you might not be making Ferarri money, but come on! The least you can do is buy a Prius and pretend to give a shit about the environment.

Also, does anyone get the impression that this might be that first incident that points to earlier child-celebrity troubles for H-JO? A few baby brokeback weekends at Neverland Ranch? Percent chance that a tox screen turns up ungodly amounts of crystal meth? 50%? I think this is going to be a good one. Call VH-1, tell them to get Corey Feldman and Corey Haim ready for a few soundbites.

Thanks to Lou for the tip, and a million mea culpas for the lack of posts…
(Via CNN.com)



1. DHJD - August 11, 2006

omigod, u r a fuckin bitch!!!!!!i luv hjo! he is awesome and frickin WAY HOTTER THEN U, FUCKER!!!!!

2. FUCK YOU FUCKTARD - September 3, 2006

fuck you you bastard fucktard… your no better than a pile of shit…. i HATE you… and if you knew anything about me i dont say that often… so if your so brave that you can say that kind of shit about haley then be so brave to leave your adress and ill come to where you live and kill you myself you piece of fucking worthless shit!

3. R.Gu - September 9, 2006

If you’re going to go around talking dirt about movie stars, who happen to be very successful; You obviously have no life.
Take my advice, and get one.

4. Damian - September 14, 2006

R.Gu – like you really have a life defendi…eh fuck it, go figure out how to not be flame bait.

But seriously, this kid can’t act his way out of a dime bag – Nor can he handle a dime bag…. and some booze …without wrecking his shitty Saturn.

…and for any women (actually probably 12 year olds) who think he is hot, daaaamn you got low standards

5. MEGAN - September 19, 2006

heeeeey .. im 12 years old.. AND I DON’T THINK HE IS HOT !!! NOO!!!……………………….I THINK HE’S GORGEOUS!!:D:D:D


6. LOL - September 19, 2006

ME 2

7. Annie - March 29, 2008

I have to say, I think “future Surreal Life housemate” sums up his future pretty accurately. I can’t believe so many people are getting so defensive over this kid. He’s a has-been child star whose performance in “The Sixth Sense” was lukewarm at best, and now all he really does is voices for video games and straight-to-video Disney flicks. Come on. I’m actually not too surprised he was driving a Saturn.

8. J - July 27, 2009

I hate haley joel osment and his ugly ass sister emily osment

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