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NYC Weather: Seriously Haterish Shit June 8, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in General Hating, New York, Scarjo, Sports.
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Weather, as an idea, fucking sucks. Give me 85 degrees and sunny during the day with 50 degree nights and I promise never to complain again. On a Saturday morning, when I'm hungover it can be dark and rainy and cold. Later on, when I wake up, all of the shit better be dry and the sun should be out and shining.

As far as snow goes, I would allow it to occur three to four times per year. Once on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, and several "key" moments throughout the course of the year- like, for example, when I'm walking Scarlett Johansson home from a date. When we step out of the restaurant it should be snowing. She'll say "Do you have any baby oil?" "Isn't it beautiful?" and we'll embrace passionately…

Seriously though, could you imagine how crowded New York City would be if it had Miami's weather? Or maybe it would be just like Miami. What's noteable, lately, is just how demoralizing this fucking weather is. Every day, it seems, for the last 3 weeks there has been one torrential downpour after another. What's worse is that the forecast, unfortunately, only calls for more shitty weather. What's a hater to do?

My advice? Camp in front of your tube and watch some World Cup or NBA Finals.


I Hate Hipsters. June 3, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in General Hating, Music, New York.

What the fuck is the wrong with this world? Last night, I went to see one of my favorite bands, French Kicks, at a lower east side music venue called Sin-e. Sin like 7 deadly ones, and E like the letter before F? Nope. It's pronounced shinnay.

I got there a bit too early which meant that I had to subject myself to 2 hours of opening bands. Luckily, the bands weren't too shitty and I got to check out some of the ironic/hipster fashion that the kids are rocking nowadays. It's always funny to see some douchebag wearing a striped wool sweater and cords when it's 1,000 degrees outside. In addition to ridiculous clothing, there were more bad haircuts and moustaches than you could shake a PBR at.

Nothing out of the ordinary, except for one girl with a bowl-cut. She seemed to know a lot of people and spoke with each of the bands as they got off the stage. She was carrying a large purse shaped like an electric guitar and wearing a black tee-shirt. She fit right into the crowd, but often acted a little odd. At first glance, she appeared to be your average hipster- funny haircut, ironic sense of fashion, and fond of bizarre rhythmic gyrations (she was standing next to several girls who were goofily dancing to all of the songs, as well).

As the night progressed, I realized that she is actually mentally challenged. Even though I am a hater, I would obviously NEVER make fun of someone for being disabled. What is funny is this: In a situation full of extreme hipster cases, the last thing that crossed my mind was that she was disabled.