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New York vs Everywhere Else May 18, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in General Hating, New York.

New York is a funny place. I've been here for long enough now that I've grown accustomed to the sacrifices that one typically has to make when living here. In fact, I barely even think about it any more. That is, until I have a out-of-towner come to visit.

A bit of Hater background: I live in a decent-sized New York studio apartment. I have a separate, large-ish kitchen. In the main room I have a bed, a comfortable chair, a small desk that my laptop sits on, and small stand for my small TV.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have my good friend L come to visit me from Chicago. He shares an gigantic 1200sf loft-like apartment with his girlfriend. They have an enormous kitchen, several large living rooms which comfortably house large pieces of furniture. The have private outdoor space and a guest fucking bedroom. I will save my New York readers the heartbreak of knowing what they are paying. He loves this city and would possibly consider living here, but he makes it clear that he considers the living spaces, generally, to be quite inhumane.

We had just come home from a long night of barhopping and were lying in my queen-sized bed, about to go to sleep. A few minutes after the lights went off L said, diplomatically: "Have you ever thought of putting the bed sideways against the wall? It might open the room up."

It's funny because that's literally the only other option.



1. Joseph Landau - October 2, 2006

We’ve recently putlbished an illustrated book of Poetry named
New York is Everywhere. I think you would find it interesting
as it doesn’t require you to do any bar hopping.

It’s 15.95 and all the proceeds go to Memorial Sloane-Kettering cancer research. If you would like a copy send it to our offices a

172 Madison Ave.
New York,NY 10016
2nd floor

Please include check for $18.95 which covers the book with postage and handling

Make check out to Memorial Sloane-Kettering

2. Queens Hater - March 13, 2008

New York sucks. To all you people who recently moved here you are NOT New Yorkers. You have to be born and rasied here to be a New Yorker. I grew up mostly in Queens, which has become a third world country with 55 billion “others” chinks , purple peope, spics galore , fucking paki town, the #7 train mexican express, douchbag kazakistan freaks, crazy ass niggers, spook-a-ricans(spanish blacks), but there being run out out by some serious third world niggers. I seen this city go from AMerican to freak show in 1 generation. It is completley unlivable if you are white working class, since you have to put up with billions of mud people that you work with. Hell English is no longer a requirement to get a good paying job. Just babble your way through the day with some stupid ,baby talking spanish bullshit -jibberish and your set! Fuck the politicians who made this fucking hell a reality. You wantede hate ,you got it and them some. The buffet of hate…bon apetite! Remember, if you import third world people, you get a third world country.

3. Queens Hater - March 13, 2008

Queens used to be the top boro…now its a fucking cesspool to be avoided by all that cosider themselves human. People there are the most miserable people on earth. Especially in Rego Park and Forest Hills.

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