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I Hate Schmutz May 17, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in General Hating, New York.

Breaking news from the expert journalists at amNewYork:

The city's subway cars aren't that clean.

The article details the study by the Straphanger's Campaign, and their very scientific method of microbiological cleanliness known as "schmutziness." Funny, I must have missed that in all of my high school biology classes. The "study" also explains that in addition to the trains being dirty, it would appear that they are getting dirtier each year.

And overall, subway cars are a lot stickier, nastier and just plain dirtier than last year, according the group's "Subway Shmutz 2006" report, which was released Tuesday.

Hmm… so you're saying that as the years go by, and as ridership increases the trains are getting harder to keep clean?! Impossible! Despite the fact that the report clearly adheres to strictest standards of scientific methodology, it seems that the Transit Authority has found some fault in the results.

The agency said the report's methodology was flawed. …He said some of the Straphanger's numbers were "absurdly low" and "these figures defy both logic and common sense."

They also defy conventional uses of the English language. I wonder if these people could do a similar study on sidewalks, comparing their gumminess, garbageousity, dogshittery to years past.

(via amNY.com)



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