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Tom Cruise Saved My Monday May 15, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in Celebs, General Hating, New York.

I hate Mondays. I woke up this morning with a heart heavy with hate and a stomach raw from too many cocktails. The torrential downpour did not help matters. Neither did the fact that I left my umbrella at work and therefore had to schlep through the rain before and after my very humid F-train commute. I arrived to work extremely late and began my usual routine of pounding coffee and blogroll reading when I stumbled upon this Youtube video at Riff Market.  I feel limited by the English language in trying to properly convey just how hilarious this is. There are no words. Enjoy. 



1. TV Swan - May 15, 2006

THere’s a commute to hate?


2. boz - May 15, 2006

Needless to say, the Boz mentioned this outrageous example of a rhythm black hole on his dancefight blog. I have never felt so uncomfortable watching something in my life. Spread the HATE!

3. soundaslanguage - May 17, 2006

god, what a douche…i certainly HATE this guy.

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