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I Hate Hot 97! May 9, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in General Hating, Music, New York.

What the fuck is the matter with hip-hop? Last week everyone was all abuzz over the news of Hot 97.1 getting evicted from their downtown offices. I spent the better part of an afternoon reading and rereading this document from The Smoking Gun, and my mind is kind of blown. Three shootings since 2001. Can you even believe it? Can you imagine working in an office, for a publicly traded company, in arguably the most modern city in the world, and braving gunfire not once, but three fucking times since 2001? Absolutely ridiculous.

If there's a victim in this case, it's definitely the poor security guards who clearly get verbally abused on what seems to be a weekly basis. It honestly sounds like the worst job in the world. "Um, hi it's me down at the security gate. Larceny is here with 75 of his boys, should I let him up?" Is it really that unreasonable to reject them? Here are a few responses from several famous rappers:

Cam'ron: "I am going to cut you up," "I'm going to find out who you are, I'll see you again."
Busta Rhymes: "Shut the fuck up," "I'm going to kick everyone's ass."
DMX: "Fuck you $8.50 an hour faggot. If you step outside I'll kick your fucking ass you bitch."

Don't shoot the messenger! No, seriously Cam put the gun down.

Ridiculous. Possibly the only thing more ridiculous? "Smackfest." Basically, "smackfest" consists of chicks slapping the shit out of each other, initially for bragging rights ("Yo, did you hear me smack her on the radio?!"), but ultimately it turned into a cash prize. As a hater, I'm very conflicted. I like to see hateable people slapping each other, but I hate the fact that the ignorant assholes promoting the shit don't get smacked too. It's a rare hate-conundrum, I guess. (For Youtube videos of smackfest, please click here)

Violence is never funny It's hard not to laugh when some fat dude named "Gravy" gets shot in the ass. What's sad, though, is that rather than seek medical attention, the dude went upstairs to the station and went through with his interview! Said Gravy:

Getting shot ain't no joke, but I got up and still went upstairs and did the show…I had to do the show. That's my life.

A wise man once said "Don't hate the player, hate the game." I'm pretty sure I hate them both.



1. Mucho Maas - May 10, 2006

I’m not sure if Hot 97 is simply a reflection of the dreadful state of hip-hop or the cause of the dreadful state of hip-hop. I’m inclined to think the latter considering that they only promote music that they are paid to promote (see Hot97 payola scandal). While promoting the current breed of bubblegum, err, laffy-taffy, hip-hop, they have helped the public forget that the genre was founded on lyricism.

Simultaneously, Hot 97 has helped reinforce the idea of hip-hop as criminal sport instead of lyrical sport. For Hot 97 respect, what can top getting shot outside the studio and finishing your interview?

2. hateroftheyear - May 10, 2006

That’s what makes Gravy’s situation so intensely sad. When he first felt that bullet rip through his ass there must have been a great sense of relief and accomplishment!

FINALLY! I thought I was NEVER going to get shot…

3. Mary-ki - February 13, 2009

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