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I Hate David Blaine May 9, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in Celebs, General Hating, New York.

I guess I just don't understand what the big deal is. After spending 180 hours submerged in water, he attempted to free himself from 150 pounds of shackles, also under water. He blacked out and had to be rescued. After that, he tried to break the record for holding his breath under water, a lengthy 9 minutes. Unfortunately for Blaine, he failed that also.

Maybe I'm confused, but how is this interesting? I think anytime anyone attempts any of these death-defying stunts, they are only watched because some sick haterish part of the audience actually wants to see them die. When they are successful, everyone sighs in guilty relief, but really I think everyone's disappointed. In the case of David Blaine, not only did he fail his stunts, but he failed to die after failing his stunts- a double failure if you ask me.

NY Post Coverage

NY Times Coverage



1. soundaslanguage - May 10, 2006

I so wanted Blaine to die…very disappointing indeed.

2. hateroftheyear - May 10, 2006

You and the millions of other haters watching live, my friend.

3. TV Swan - May 15, 2006

I hate David Blaine and I hated the ‘Gate’s by Christo too.

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