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2 People I’d Like to Hate… April 24, 2006

Posted by hateroftheyear in Celebs, General Hating.

Dov Charney: Founder of American Apparel.

Seriously. Say what you will about the dude, but I find it almost impossible to hate him. He's 37 years old, the founder of an amazingly ubiquitous brand, and doing exactly what he wants to. All of his critics narrowly focus on his pervy-ness, and ignore all the other shit that he's doing. On the flip side, the average Charney proponent tends to ride the sweatshop-free angle a little too hard. Both sides of the spectrum ignored, he has turned American Apparel into nearly a billion dolllar business without compromising any of the ideas or principles on which it was founded.

And You Thought Abercrombie & Fitch Was Pushing It? (NY Times Magazine)

Nick Sylvester: Writer.

Nick is the guy who was recently fired from The Village Voice for fudging many facts in an otherwise entertaining piece about Neil Strauss' "The Game." I certainly don't condone that type of shit and I also didn't really dig many of his Pitchfork reviews (more indicative of my distaste for PF than it is of his writing). Between the scandal, the PF connection and that horrible photo of him in the glasses, he seemed ripe for hatin'. My feelings changed recently when I stumbled across this post – a hilarious fake interview between Game (of 50 Cent beef fame) and Nick, which humorously tells his version of the Village Voice incident. Since then, I've been reading Riff Market daily.



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